Benchmark Estimating Software™

When a government client decided to acquire an estimating software package for its infrastructure capex and maintenance programs, they commissioned MIEngineers to carry out an assessment of their options. They needed a tool that was easy to use, fast, and able to store large library items and resource data. After an exhaustive global search, we found that none of the available estimating software satisfied the client's requirements.

Here was our big opportunity. We decided to develop a proprietary software solution and quickly scoped a new product development plan, forming a collaboration with external software experts. After 12 months in the laboratory with its share of wins and set-backs, we created our first piece of professional estimating software. We named it Benchmark Estimating Software™. It was a big moment of realisation for us.

The result was a software product suitable for all users in an organisation; from hard-core professional estimators to casual users. It delivers productivity improvements for cost engineers and estimators, with automatic features delivering a rapid production of estimates, and even the ability to use parametrics to bid whole projects quickly and consistently. Libraries allow a multitude of data to be stored and retrieved again quickly.

That was in the late 1990s. Benchmark Estimating Software was subsequently created as a separate firm to manage and develop the software business. Today, there are now over 2000 estimators in the road, rail, civil, asphalt, landscaping, telecommunications and facilities management industries using Benchmark Estimating Software every day.