Ideas Leadership

"Our passion for cost engineering infuses our business culture and underpins our business philosophy, which is best summed up as Design | Cost | Deliver" says Robert MacDonald, our Founder and Managing Director.

At its heart, ours is an ideas business. We are excited by the prospect of new cost engineering ideas; in particular ideas which help the world better develop and manage its precious infrastructure resources. The realisation of great new ideas drives our strategy in what we do every day. It's what delivers extra value to our clients. It's what makes us an employer of choice for young engineers and business professionals. It's what creates a culture of trust, autonomy and risk taking. If we are not originating new ideas, we are part of a leading global community of engineering excellence where ideas are traded and exchanged daily.

We hope our Ideas Hub is a useful resource for the cost engineering community to share ideas and contacts. It includes examples of our work in creating software solutions for cost engineering challenges, engineering in a BIM world, White Papers and presentations we have given to various symposia and clients around the world.