Scheduling (Programming)

Time is money; it isn’t just a cliché. Time is a critical resource to be managed and manipulated, and the relationship between time and money is plainly visible in the delivery of infrastructure projects.

The effective and productive management of time requires a programme or schedule — a tool to minimise cost and maximise profit based on time. Without a sound programme, projects can be inefficiently managed, take longer and cost more than they should.

MIEngineers supplies comprehensive scheduling (programming) services as part of our holistic Design | Cost | Deliver approach during pre-construction, construction and post-construction. We have delivered hundreds of programming jobs over more than 25 years; from highly detailed programmes with many thousands of activities, through to high level management summaries for infrastructure projects worth hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars.

Our programming professionals are highly regarded by Australia's leading road development agencies. Some have been appointed as Expert Independent Professional Advisors in construction methodology and scheduling for the New Zealand Government and various Australian Government agencies.

We work with leading scheduling software to meet our clients' specific scheduling requirements. This includes:

  • Pre-tender programmes for principals to determine constructability, traffic staging options and other items that could allow design improvements.
  • Tender programmes that optimise construction methodologies, which in turn can reduce the tender figure and ultimately assist in winning tenders.
  • Tender programme analysis for principals to assess possible time-related claims 'embedded' in the tender. We offer this analysis throughout the life of a project and on updated programs, to help protect our clients’ interests.
  • Analysis on possible recovery programs when projects are going off track for either contractors or principals.
  • Estimates and accounting analysis aligned with program cash flows.
  • Forensic programming on completed projects to defend or prosecute time-related contractual claims.

Whether it's roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, desalination plants, water (and sewer) infrastructure, buildings, dams and more, we can design a successful programme for you.

For further details, please contact our Practice Leader Programming.

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