Roadworks Estimator™ Software

A perplexed senior executive of a major road authority asked us how he could give his Minister a meaningful price for a new a road project in an hour, with virtually no details. This was a familiar problem we were determined to solve. Applying our first principles philosophy, engineering know-how and established R&D processes, we developed a software solution we named Roadworks Estimator™ within a year. Using advanced parametric modelling, this product can produce meaningful costs, regardless of whether all you have is a topographic map with a line on it showing the possible location or very limited details.

We were subsequently approached by a client with a near impossible task. They needed a price in three weeks for an 800km upgrade of the Pacific Highway from Sydney to the Queensland border. Using the Roadworks Estimator™, we met the client's needs. Blind testing by this and another concurrent client on eight projects, all gave results accurate within 10% of the final approved estimate based on full details.